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31 Jan By In Blog

We are very excited to announce our brand new Ergo Disposables. We have been working on this project for a while and we are now stocked and ready to go.


We took our best selling large Ergo grip and turned it into a high quality disposable tube and grip combo.  The tip and tube are made from a high impact plastic that is molded to the highest standard available. These tips don't have flashing or excess mold material on them. They are a crystal clear rinse tube so you have an excellent view of both your needles and pigment from any angle. The Pulse Ergo grip has been molded from a custom mix of silicone to be just the right amount of give. These grips are not too squishy and are molded directly onto the tube to prevent any slippage while you are working.

These new Ergo Disposables are an oversized 1 1/4" and taper to a comfortable 1". They feel great in the hand and like our original Ergo's set in your hand in more natural position for tattooing.016-03

The crystal clear tubes really allow you to see your needls, and pigment mix. This helps when mixing in the caps. Sometimes larger loads of pigment can hide up in the tube and pop out and over saturate a small critcal area very quickly. You can see everything with these tips.

All the mag sizes are open for an even better view when shading.



Our new Ergo Disposables are available as individual pieces or in a money saving pack of 20 for $20.00. 


Did I mention yet that they might just be one of the largest disposable on the market today. They are 1 1/4" at their apex, so the feel much larger in the hand and that creates more control and less potential for cramping. Especially if you have bear paws for hands.


So there you have it. Pulse Ergo Disposables -Good for your hands, a great tool upgrade for your art, easy on the pocketbook, and saves you time in your work day. We are very excited at how great these turned out and we have already started planning for a jumbo 1 1/2" Ergo Disposable later in the year. 

22 Jan By In Blog

Start off your New Year right by choosing your own sample color set from the Established Ink line. We have lowered the price down to $45 for 9 half ounce bottles of any of Established's great colors. Mix and match anyway you want. Get two yellows, two purples,  three whites, a turquoise and a red or get 9 maroons, we don't care just as long as you give them a shot.

 Established uses a combination of ingredients that has been proven for years. That unique combination of pigments is easy to put into the skin and will yield a bright, rich result. If you use  a predispersed we know you will like Established. With 36 awesome colors to choose from we know you can mix your way to just about any shade or hue you may need. The half ounce bottle are the ideal size for when you are doing conventions or guest spots. 

Since January is the begining of the 2014 and we want to get you started right, we will be running some specials with Established Ink in the next couple weeks. Check in with our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (@pulsetattoo). ESTABLISHED 9 COLOR SAMPLE SET.



15 Oct By In Blog


As we were unloading needles a few weeks back Jessica had a great idea to pack up all the great 7's we carry as a Super Seven Sampler. This great collection of needles gives you 7 different styles of 7's. The sampler includes 7 liners, 7 mags, 7 curved mags, 7 round shader, 7 bugpin mag, 7 bugpin curved mag and 7 bugpin liners. You get a 5 strip of each needle for a grand total of 35 needles. The whole shooting match has been priced at $11. So as you can see that is a great deal, but you are going to want to jump on this deal because we only have so many sets. Once we run out of Super Seven Samplers that's it the deal is done.



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